Biblical Creation Society, Poland

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Globalor recognizable pattern, a plan to build. A kind of equivalent information.


In the future will be ...

About us

Our aims:

1. Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through Biblical creationism.

2. Providing a real alternative to the theory of evolution.

3. Equipping the Church with apologetic tools (to defend the faith).

4. Connecting Christian form different denominations and churches.

5. Promoting Polish Christian Scientists.

Our Goal:

The Biblical Creation Society was founded in autumn 2004 by Christians from different evangelical churches in Poznan, central Poland. Today BCS's members are from many different parts of Poland.

Our goal is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through Biblical creationism. To provide Poles with the answers to all important questions on Biblical, moral and human issues from the Biblical perspective. Answers are given to the most vital, existential questions such as our origins, our future and the meaning of life.

Through our actions and teachings we present the Holy Bible as the contemporary relevant guide for our morality, ethics and life styles that provide the best answers for issues relating to our lives.

As creationists we accept the Young Earth biblical creationist’s view by providing a real alternative to the theory of evolution and our view results from the literal reading of the Holy Scripture. We also reveal these literal readings of the Holy Scripture to the world which rejects God as the Creator because of its antichristian and pro humanistic worldviews and that is heading towards spiritual and physical decay.

The Biblical Creation Society exposes the greatest dictatorships of the twentieth century who based their ideologies on the evolutionary worldview which denies the existence of God despite the visible effects of His creation clearly seen today.


Assembly - the act of connecting together the parts of something (such as a machine): the act of assembling something in  a definite order, clearly, accurately. Both machines on assembly lines and living, developing organisms arise according to a precise programme.

Creation process

Is any process that occurs in nature able to build complex and functioning systems? Or can it program the order of assembly of individual components, the interaction between them, set up the methods and tools for communication or data exchange?

processes in nature

Processes in nature such as burning, tides, low tides, explosions, rain, wind, storms, erosion, oxidation, corrosion, decay... physical, chemical, meteorological or geological processes... which one among them can create and program a whole complexity?

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