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Globalor recognizable pattern, a plan to build. A kind of equivalent information.


In the future will be ...



(gr. σύστημα systema) system is any organized assembly of resources and procedures united and regulated by interaction or interdependence to accomplish a set of specific functions. A collection of personnel, equipment, and methods organized to accomplish a set of specific functions. Therefore system is a combine form of different components, peoples and the different activities in a systematic manner to accomplish a targeted goal. All the things which are in the system are surrounded by boundary and the things which lie outside is the environment or the system's environment.


Assembly - the act of connecting together the parts of something (such as a machine): the act of assembling something in  a definite order, clearly, accurately. Both machines on assembly lines and living, developing organisms arise according to a precise programme.

Creation process

Is any process that occurs in nature able to build complex and functioning systems? Or can it program the order of assembly of individual components, the interaction between them, set up the methods and tools for communication or data exchange?

processes in nature

Processes in nature such as burning, tides, low tides, explosions, rain, wind, storms, erosion, oxidation, corrosion, decay... physical, chemical, meteorological or geological processes... which one among them can create and program a whole complexity?

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