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Globalor recognizable pattern, a plan to build. A kind of equivalent information.


In the future will be ...

Our Team

Michał Prończuk  MA, BA - President, Lecturer, Spokesperson

Stanisław Sylwestrowicz - Vice President, Lecturer, Media Presenter

Tomasz Mróz - Secretary, Lecturer, Webmaster

Wiesław Białecki - Vice President for Media and Public Relations, Lecturer, Author

Grzegorz  Krauza - Conference Coordinator, Lecturer

Aleksander Barański - Lecturer, Author, Conference Coordinator, Spokesperson

Dorota Hukisz - Conference Coordinator

Anna Wiśniowska - The Interpreter

Erwina Yija - The Interpreter

Agata Prończuk - The Interpreter


Associated Scientist & Lectures in  Poland

Pastor Sławomir Bieliński – Baptist Church.

Dr  hab. Adam Cenian – University of Gdansk.

Dr  Rafał Długosz – University of Technology and Life Sciences – Bydgoszcz

Dr hab. Mirosław Rucki - Department of Metrology and Measurement Systems at the Institute of Mechanical Technology University of Technology Poznan.

Zbigniew Gadkowski – Head of Seminary of Biblical Studies, Olsztyn.  M.Sc.

Dr Wojciech Gajewski – University of Gdansk, Dean of Theology.

Prof.  Andrzej Hławiczka - Silesian University of Technology.

Clint Kirby – Gospel Church in Gdansk. Ph.D.

Dr Dorota Myślińska – University of Gdansk, biologist.

Presbiter Tomasz Ropiejko – Vice Superintendent Pentecostal Church in Poland.

Doctor of  Medicine  Paweł Stoiński.

Prof. dr  Małgorzata Stopikowska – University of Gdansk.

Masters Student in Psychology Aneta Szczełuszczenko – University of Gdansk, Pentecostal Church in Poland.

Dr Michał Włodarczyk – Theological Seminary of Warsaw.

Mateusz Wichary – The Chairman of Baptist Church.  Prezbiter Ph.D.


Produced Polish version DVD

Privileged Planet – produced by Illustra Media.

Set in Stone – produced by Paul Garner.

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Life - produced by Illustra Media.

Evolution vs. Creation  DVD Produced by Sunshine Television and BCS.

Fossils  with Andrew McIntosh 3 episodes (English and Polish version).

Hard Evidence  with Andrew McIntosh 4 episodes (English and Polish version).


Published Books

Genesis of Life  by Wieslaw Bialecki.

Book of Genesis: Myth, Legend, or infallible document  by Andy McIntosh.

Did Dinosaurs exist  by Alexander Baranski.


Books to be published next month

Yet in Six Days: Refuting Heresies  by Wieslaw Bialecki.


TV Programs

Antidotum  13 episodes TV series -2014.

Series  Andy McIntosh Presents.

Fossils  with Andrew McIntosh 3 episodes - 2013.

Hard Evidence  with Andrew McIntosh 4 episodes 2013.


In production:


3-part documentary with:

dr Andy McIntosh, Paul Garner, dr  Geoff Barnard, dr. Richard Carhart, MBA Stanisław Sylwestrowicz, dr Adam Cynian, dr  Dorota Myślińska, BA Michał Prończuk and others.

Written and Directed by Wieslaw Bialecki (Sunshine Television).

Series of Studio Lectures with Dr Geoff Bernard.

Last two episodes for series  Andy McIntosh Presents.

Intrinsic Flight   with Andy McIntosh.


Assembly - the act of connecting together the parts of something (such as a machine): the act of assembling something in  a definite order, clearly, accurately. Both machines on assembly lines and living, developing organisms arise according to a precise programme.

Creation process

Is any process that occurs in nature able to build complex and functioning systems? Or can it program the order of assembly of individual components, the interaction between them, set up the methods and tools for communication or data exchange?

processes in nature

Processes in nature such as burning, tides, low tides, explosions, rain, wind, storms, erosion, oxidation, corrosion, decay... physical, chemical, meteorological or geological processes... which one among them can create and program a whole complexity?

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